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Posiflex Unveils Cutting-Edge POS and Kiosk Solutions Powered by AI at COMPUTEX 2024


Posiflex leverages innovation and AI to revolutionize retail and hospitality experiences, enhancing operational efficiency, customer engagement, and overall business growth.


Posiflex Technology Inc., a global leader in Point of Sale (POS) systems and Online to Offline (O2O) solutions, is ready to showcase its flagship products, innovation solutions, and AI-powered technologies for the retail and hospitality markets at COMPUTEX 2024. The event gathers one of Asia's most influential technology ecosystems and takes place from June 4 to 7 at the Nangang Exhibition Center, with this year's focus on generative AI, advanced connectivity and innovations.


This year marks Posiflex's 40th anniversary, and to commemorate this milestone, Posiflex is introducing its latest innovations: the Mozart BT Series POS terminal and the Opera MT-6200 Series mobile POS tablet. Both devices are designed to offer enhanced multi-functionality and explore new possibilities in point-of-sale systems. Building upon the success of the 2024 iF Design Award-winning products, including the Haydn ZT Series POS terminal and Gen9 POS base, Posiflex continues to set new standards in convenience, serviceability, and space-saving design for electronic POS systems. Meanwhile, Posiflex maintains close collaboration with AI ecosystem partners, especially strategic ISVs and end customers, to deliver integrated solutions that unlock new market opportunities. The Posiflex booth is located at RO314, Hall 2, where visitors can experience firsthand how Posiflex utilizes AI technology to revolutionize retail and hospitality experiences. From improving operational efficiency to enhancing customer engagement and gaining valuable business insights, Posiflex is pushing the boundaries of innovation to new heights.


2024 Posiflex POS Flagships: Mozart BT Series and Opera MT-6200 Series

The Opera MT-6200 Series mobile POS tablet supports the new era of the mobile economy by bringing search and ordering processing to the shop floor and efficient inventory management to the warehouse. Available in both x86 and RISC variants and with optional 8" and 10.1" screen sizes, the Opera MT-6200 Series can be docked to a charger via a USB Type-C connector for fast power charging and is supported by a range of accessories, including a barcode scanner, fingerprint reader, hand and shoulder straps, and a rotatable protective case, all of which add versatility and security. The Opera MT-6200 Series leads the way with seamless connectivity, supporting WiFi 5/6 and Bluetooth 5.0/5.2, ensuring a superior and efficient user experience.


Meanwhile, the Mozart BT Series seamlessly combines a sleek dual display system with powerful computing capabilities, the latest operating system, and a concealed printer, alongside all necessary accessories, within a lightweight and compact design. With its modular construction and elegant aesthetics, the series hides all cables and connectors, seamlessly integrating the printer and exuding a sense of space-saving efficiency and visual appeal that epitomizes Posiflex's brand identity. The concealed printer, cables, and connectors contribute to a clutter-free workspace, making it ideal for retail environments that prioritize aesthetic design, such as fashion boutiques, hospitality venues, convenience stores, and food and beverage outlets.


2024 iF Design Award Winners: Clamshell Design and Hidden Printer

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Posiflex Technology has been honored with the 2024 iF Design Award for the Haydn ZT Series POS terminal and the Gen9 Base. Posiflex will take the opportunity of COMPUTEX 2024 to showcase these two important products back in the spotlight. The Haydn ZT is the industry's first clamshell POS terminal with a patented modular design and exceptional serviceability, while the Gen9 Base integrates a thermal printer and power supply for maximum space efficiency.


Elevating Customer Interaction: Self-Service Kiosks Tailored for You

Posiflex is excited to present an extensive array of kiosk solutions at COMPUTEX 2024, including offerings from the HK, JK, EK, and TK Self-service Series. The kiosk series provides a variety of display sizes, orientations, form factors, and mounting styles to suit diverse needs. Equipped with integrated 2D scanners, receipt printers, NFC, and EMV payment devices, these kiosks facilitate multiple applications and functionalities. They are designed for easy installation, programming, and maintenance, featuring a sleek design that seamlessly integrates into major retail outlets or boutique environments. With large, high-resolution touchscreen displays and cutting-edge operating systems, the Posiflex kiosk series ensures a swift and dependable consumer experience.


In particular, the HK-2100/1600 Series offers a comprehensive self-service solution with a built-in scanner, card dispenser, and printer, ideal for streamlined contactless hotel check-ins and check-outs. Meanwhile, the JK-2400/JK-2700 Series delivers versatile self-service options tailored for limited spaces like restaurants, ticketing booths, and retail or hospitality venues. It can also be customized with single or double-sided monitors to enhance adaptability.


Welcome to visit Posiflex's booth at RO314, Hall 2, Nangang Exhibition Center during COMPUTEX 2024 and share your needs, requirements, and vision for an ideal retail/hospitality environment with our representatives.



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Posiflex Group is a leading global Commercial Internet of Things (CIoT) platform powered by smart Online-to-Offline (O2O) and Software-defined Embedded Appliance Solutions. Pillared by three brands, Posiflex Group consists of Posiflex as global top 5 brand in POS & Kiosk, Portwell as Embedded Foundry for AIoT Edge Compute, and KIOSK Information Systems (KIS) for managed self-service automation – together with a common mission to enable optimized productivity and superior customer journey across the connected world.